Friday, May 13, 2011

How to | create a grungy banner

Banners have been in trend for quite some time. And why not! They are fabulous and fun elements on a layout and very easy to create.

Here's how I created a grungy look banner for a boy page.

Materials needed: red twill ribbon, Fancy Pants patterned paper, ink, staples, foam squares.

step 1.
Cut the patterned paper to the size you require. I have simply cut out the gingham/Love, Live, Laugh strip and trimmed it into 1" segments.

step 2.
Cut the 1" segments into the triangle shape, as shown above.

step 3.
Scrunch, fold and generally rough up the triangular patterned paper shape.

step 4.
Ink the edges generously with a co-ordinating colour. I have used Versacolor pinecone.

step 5.
Place a foam square on each of the reverse sides of the distressed banner pieces.

step 6.
Fold the twill ribbon in half along its length and place the top of the triangular banner shape inside. Staple the ribbon to the paper. Continue until you have your desired banner length.

step 7.
Add the banner to your layout using the foam squares.

The red, black and cream colour combo of this layout reinforces the grunge look. I especially love the graffiti type writing found on the same piece of patterned paper as the banner strip.

Please leave a comment here if you follow this step by step. I'd love to see your handy work! :D Thanks, Leanne.

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