Monday, January 17, 2011

How-to | create a spiral flower

Today's tip comes from Kim...

This is a step by step tutorial for making a felt spiral flower using the piece of felt in your January Storyboard Kits kit. I have used this flower on my “remember” layout – I simply sprayed it with a pink and cream mist to change its colour.

Step 1 – cut a square approximately 3.5 inches from the felt
Step 2 – handcut a circle from this square (cutting a square first makes it easier to get a more even handcut circle)
Step 3 – cut the circle into a spiral leaving a small circle in the middle (this forms the bottom of the flower). When you cut a spiral you will end up with a “lump” in the spiral under the starting point – I like to trim this to make the spirals more even. The deeper your spirals, the deeper the petals of the finished flower will be – so be careful not to end up with a flower too big to fit in a page protector.
Step 4 – with the spiral lying on the table in the same way as the picture in step 3, start rolling the flower starting with the outside point of the spiral and roll anticlockwise
Step 5 – keep rolling around until all you have left is the round centre circle. Try and keep the bottom edge flat as you roll as it is hard to flatten it when you are finished (the felt sticks together). The outer petals of the flower will open as you complete the rolling process.
Step 6 – add a fast drying glue to the middle circle piece – you need to be reasonably generous.
Step 7 – fold the bottom under the flower and hold until the glue grabs
Step 8 – your flower is done!
Here's the flower used on Kim's layout!
Doesn't it look lovely misted!  Have fun creating your own spiral flowers using felt.

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